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Mental Notes to Self for 2011

 It's okay if I don't immediately get the Google Doodle.
15 year-old cats 
are as unpredictable and endearing 
as 15 day-old kittens.
 Embrace Winter weather, because
a Sandles Luxury Beach Vacation is not in the budget.
Some youthful experiences 
cannot and should not 
be repeated. 
A bathrobe and muck boots do constitute outdoor winter apparel.
My flair for exterior decorating is a gift. 
Fifty year-old women can wear funky tennis shoes. 
It's not pathetic, it's cute as hell.
and, for Pete's sake, remember... 
it's not me, it's him.
It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. 
~e.e. cummings~

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