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What a neat little gadget from a fellow Facebooker. He husband built this mobile soil sifting cart for her with a hinged top so she could tip the remaining stones straight into a wheelbarrow - I have some old timber about the place and some spare barrow wheels....I see another project coming Handy Andy's way!

and here it is open for dumping the unwanted debris left behind....


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Comment by Cornelia on April 13, 2012 at 2:55pm

Hey, my husband built me a sifter, too! Mine isn't on wheels, but it has two legs that swing out to make it stand at an angle. I was so happy to have it this past weekend, because someone likes to put sticks into the compost bin. Those sticks take a lot longer to break down than the other stuff I put in there, so this is a handy tool. The husband's a keeper, too. :)

Comment by Yvonne on April 13, 2012 at 3:06pm

Another great design! I used to have one of those very old metal ones (round) but left it at the old house when I moved (how foolish; along with my old French galvanised watering cans and clay flower pots, some of which were pre 1900).

Well, seems I either need to crank up my woodworking skills or get me a husband!! My guess is the former will be quicker.   Thanks for sharing! (the idea, not your husband!) ; )


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