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Also, I got 4 more packets of seeds today. Caserta squash, which is apparently some type of zucchini (all hail zuke bread and zuke cake!), curshaw green striped pumpkin, golden beauty corn, and pak choi white stem chinese cabbage. I may actually have to till up a lot more of the yard than I thought, and rearrange some of the planned potted plants that haven't been potted yet.

Did I mention that the fishtank now holds - yes, I did. Okay. Good then. I'm not too sure it's working, but I still see some flowers and pretty leaves, so it might be. I'm thinking it may be a light issue rather than a water one... we'll see what survives. The bushes are still there, so I can try again if I need to, I'm just hoping I won't have to.

Sent the rest of the honeyrock melon seeds home with my youngest's dad. I've seeded it twice, if they don't grow, or the seeds I planted get wiped out, I will plant something else there! And I will probably go to the greenhouse here later, and get tomato plants that are in better shape than my attempts to grow from seed... (possibly peppers, too, and definitely some pretties).

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Comment by Jennifer on April 14, 2014 at 9:11am

If you end up grabbing some pepper and tomato seedlings, let us know what varieties you get!

Comment by Jana Franzen on April 15, 2014 at 2:21pm

Will do. May wait until Mum says they are preparing to shut it down. Teacher that runs it generally adds one or two plants anyway, when it gets to that time of the season, you can sometimes wind up with a free flat worth of plants.


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