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Well one project I have already started.me and a couple of my buddies are in the process of renovating my old chicken coop for future uses such as when the winter comes we'll have a place to grow our vegetables and such..and the second project I'm going to start tomorrow and that is making my little plot of land where i plant bigger so I can plant a mass quantity of plants.and in turn gain more of a profit.I had started on it awhile ago but I had gotten sidetracked.I use to have a nice organic farm.We grew Cucumbers,squash,tomatoes,carrots,green beans,yellow string beans,Asparagus,and corn,and I had a couple chickens too to produce eggs.But the chickens were killed by what we believe was a weasel,But we're not sure.and the garden just went to hell.because we never thought we'd really need it anymore.But I'm working on getting this place back up and running.

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