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Young & Green: Naomi on Concord Grapes and Being Prepared

You’re reading Young & Green, the group blog written by participants of GrowNYC’s Youthmarket. This network of urban farm stands is operated by neighborhood youth, supplied by local farmers, and supplies communities throughout NYC with fresh fruits and veggies. Pretty cool, huh?

THIS WEEK'S MARKET SUPERSTAR: Naomi Ricketts, age 19

I’ve had a very good experience working at Youthmarket. I’ve learned what fruits and veggies are in season and why it’s beneficial to buy what’s in season. There were times the weather was crazy hot or crazy cold but I still decided to stay at work. That’s when I learned the importance of being prepared.


Which market do you work at (or did you work at)? I started at Ridgewood Youthmarket, and I also worked at the Lower East Side one.

How long have you worked for Youthmarket? Since July 2016.


What’s the funniest or the most interesting thing you’ve overheard at the market? One customer said the lettuce had so much dirt on it that she would have to put in the washing machine.


Has the market changed what you eat? In what ways? I eat more fruits now.

Do you cook at home? What’s your favorite easy meal to make and how long does it take? I cook at home a little. My favorite easy meal to make is spaghetti squash with alfredo sauce, and it usually takes 30 minutes.


If you’re in school now, has the market affected how you interact with teachers? I still treat my teachers with respect and participate often.


What have you learned about dealing with nasty weather (super hot or cold or rainy or windy)? I learned to always be prepared. It’s best to be overdressed than underdressed and always carry a bottle of water.


What about dealing with tough customers? Keep on smiling and ask the manager for help.


What’s the most important question you think customers at the market should ask? The most important question should be where the produce comes from, followed by what does certain fruits/veggies/dry goods taste like, and how to prepare different produce.


What’s your favorite fruit or veggie that you tried for the first time while working at the market? 

Concord grapes and honey-crisp apples.


What’s one you’re not crazy about? Brussels sprouts.


What advice would you give someone who’s thinking about working for Youthmarket? I would tell them to only do it if they are serious about it. Dress according to the weather outside and try the produce they’re selling so you can give recommendations.


Do you have any hobbies? Reading, writing and baking. 


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