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Our family recently got a duck(Lilly)It loved following us around the yard and would sit by our side. A friend of ours has lots of ducks and had a female that would get attacked everyday by one other duck. Our family welcomed her in our family so she could be happy. But ever since Lilly won't come by us and only wants to be around the other duck. When we let the two out the second duck wonders far off and Lilly is close to follow. We are not sure if we should keep the second duck. I think over all it's best but we liked when Lilly would stay close to us with out wondering off. We live in northern suburbs of Illinois and I don't want to make my neighbors mad. Today I let just Lilly out by she insisted on staying close to the pen and just wanted to go back in with her new friend. Seeking advice for what's best for the duck and our situation.

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