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North Country Sustainability Center, Inc. just agreed to lease a retired elementary school in Ashburnham, MA as our temporary home base. This will allow us to start offering programs, make local food and art pieces available for sale, and build the long term goal of creating a very exciting project.

What does NCSC do for anyone else?  Well, to start with, we're a regional operation, so we are open to working with and helping anyone who has a dream to start a small business that helps us all be sustainable.  In the long run we're planning on building a Food Hub, where people from all over the region can source their food locally. The includes making facilities available, like our commercial baking kitchen or our micro-creamery (when they exist) so that small farmers and small business can prove their product and build their market before going solo.  We also want to be a place where families can learn to save money, make smarter choices, and have options as to how they spend their time and money.

Because we are in the Central part of the region, we want to facilitate transportation between rural and urban areas, or encouraging others to start "green transportation solutions," to that issue in rural areas. We don't want to do it all, but we want to make it possible for others to fill the voids that we need filled, and help build that community we can all enjoy.

Check us out at www.northcountrysustain.org, or find us on Facebook at North Country Sustainability Center, Inc. My blog can be found at www.growingfuture.wordpress.com, if you're interested in that too. Hope you'll join us, and spread the word.

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