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New Project: Livestock Breeds Listing WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Hello all you homesteaders out there! I want to tell you about an awesome new project we are working on here at Stinnett Farms. The project is called "The Livestock Breeds Listing" of LBL for short. The LBL is going to be a listing of EVERY breed of EVERY different farm animal we can find complete with photos and great facts about each breed.

But...... WE NEED YOUR HELP!! The breed listings included in the LBL will be created by you! If you raise chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, sheep, cows, or any other type of farm animal you can submit to this listing. We want you to send awesome pictures of the male and the female of the breed as well as any fun facts you might want to include.

From your submission we will generate and place a finished article (including your photos) on our website in an easy to use searchable list. We welcome multiple submissions if you raise more than one type of animal. We can't guarantee we will use all or any of your photos. If we get more than one submission from the same breed we will choose the best ones to include in the listing.

ACT NOW!! Start sending us your pictures. Please don't assume that even if you have a "common" breed that somebody else already submitter. Please send your submission anyway. Let's make this fun. Even if you can't send any facts send the pictures anyway. We can generate the articles that go along with them. We just want to make sure we have pictures from everyday farmers and not generic photos from the internet. Send your information to stinnettfamilyfarms (@) yahoo (dot) com. Please put "LIVESTOCK BREEDS LISTING" or "LBL" in the subject. Also, please tell us what breed the animal is as well. We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful animals.


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