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Ok - I seriously over planned my garden. I have 5 and a half raised beds (yes 1/2 - the other half will help roundout my growing compost pile) and I have all but 3/4 (half of one and a fourth of another) of them planted and I still have wwwwwaaaaaayyyyy more stuff to plant. :) I get the filling the rototiller is gonna be given a workout in the A.M.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed but it's nothing like what I feel at the office. This is a good 'overwhelmed'. :) I have nice weather for the next week at least. I will tame the beast!!!



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Comment by Rachel Hoff on May 24, 2010 at 9:43am
What size are your raised beds? Once you get them done you'll relax and next year you'll want to do more forgetting how much work the 5 were. We have 5 as well, but ours are huge. Three of them are 4' wide x 75' long and two of them are 4' wide by 42' long. We start preparing them very early and stretch out all of the work over a long period of time.
Comment by lasharb on June 3, 2010 at 12:28am
My other half assures me they (the beds) are 4 x 8. 3 of them are 12 inches high and the other 2 are 6 inches high. He's building me 2 more 1 1/2 by 6 beds. He's amazing - I think he's getting tired of mowing the lawn! I also have 10 buckets (my 'bucket brigade') planted - and strawberries. There are strawberries and a garlic bed - asparagus bed isn't doing much I'm sad to say :( ... and the chickens got here today so we'll start assembling the coop. :)
I did a good job of prepping and adding compost to the beds I started out with and getting that done in the fall/late winter last year so I was able to start planting right away - it held me over while I waited for the new beds to settle.
With any luck I'm definitely going to need to do some canning this year!


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