Celebrate the culture of agriculture & share skills (Growing! Cooking! Eating!)

The CSA is in full swing and we are eating local produce morning, noon and night.

I look at the box as inspiration, challenge, and opportunity.

A recent weekend breakfast was Swiss chard and potato hash topped with fried eggs, along with backyard berry and kale smoothies.

At lunch the other day I looked around while I sipped my PB, banana and kale smoothie. My daughter polished off a leftover of pork and Napa cabbage in miso sauce. My son ate pinwheel sandwiches made with garlic scape herbed cream cheese and beet hummus.

Having a family willing to eat leftovers is a big reason why we've enjoyed farm share success.

On the blog this week I'm sharing more seasonal recipes for your inspiration. I'm throwing the farm share on the grill again with Grilled Zucchini with Feta. This side dish goes with a variety of entrees and the leftovers make a terrific vegetarian pizza.

To keep cool I've used the crock pot as an imu to make Kalua Pig. Using leftover pig in place of chicken in my Potluck Asian Chicken Cabbage Salad, with some fresh pineapple, made a tasty main dish salad. Recipe here.

I could have had Zucchini Week if I'd shared last week's pancakes this week, but I mixed it up. Let's just say you ought to grab some limes and make Zucchini Lime Cupcakes to celebrate the arrival of summer produce.

**While I was singing along to the Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 soundtracks changed the words to Party in the USA. Also a good version of that tune: Weird Al Yankovic's Party in the CIA.

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