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Popular Types of Bonsai Plants and Its Benefits

Bonsai is the Japanese art of growing artificially dwarfed varieties of shrubs and trees in pots. These Bonsai trees are available online, however, growing it is an overwhelming experience. It can be gifted on any occasion. The recipient would be more than delighted to have this amazing and natural gift.

Bonsai is really a gift of nature to mankind to decorate your home as per your wish, which otherwise would not have possible. It is a heartwarming experience of having a bonsai of your favorite tree in your dream home.There are different types of Bonsai Plants and they all have their benefits.

Here is a list of Popular Types of Bonsai Plants and Its Benefits –

Azalea Bonsai

The Azalea Bonsai are mighty, gorgeous dwarf plant available in varieties of flowers and belongs to Ericaceous Family. Azalea is a type of indoor bonsai plants due to its immense beauty and cheerful fragrance. However, these bonsai are choosy in terms of weather as they shun direct sunlight, too cold or too hot, and hence require a perfect temperature.  Keep them on ant shelf or the dining table or plant them balcony and you will notice the immense fragrance it poses. This is very popular bonsai in Europe and other parts as well.

Boxwood Bonsai Tree

A Small attractive cluster of leaves which depicts a heavily dense cluster of leaves on a tree but in its dwarf version. The Boxwood Bonsai Tree are really adorable and super compact. The Bonsai are slow growers and hence requires suitable temperature which is not too cold or hot for its growth. Boxwood Bonsai Tree form the perfect application for any Indoor Bonsai Plants. The Boxwood Bonsai are ideal for compact houses to set up on The dining table or to hang on the walls. These bonsai escalate the beauty of the room due to its evergreen nature. This bonsai tree is can be decorated for your hall room wall, which will make the look vibrant!!!

Flowering Crab Apple Tree

It is a pleasing dwarf bonsai tree which gives pleasing fragrance along with its Crab Apple in the fall. The tree is lined by beautiful and colourful throughout the year and crab apples in fall and this tree is active through the year. This Bonsai needs adequate water, front protection, and good air flow to keep it growing. If anyone wishes for sending Harmony Bonsai plants, then this bonsai will surely be his first preference.

Hughes Juniper Bonsai

The perfect bonsai plant is the Hughes Juniper Bonsai. It required less water, it can withstand shade or full shade, and would deliver greenery and fragrance round the year with ease. These Bonsai are common, although, it is little goofy. Well, these bonsai are the perfect gift for anyone who wishes for sending harmony bonsai plants for any occasion.   

Gold lace Juniper Bonsai

Easy to maintain and super compact, Gold Lace Juniper Bonsai are more elegant and maintain their evergreen nature throughout the year.  As these bonsai are compact, it can be kept on a shelf or any table or just hand them on the wall and your room will turn into a living art.

Weeping Willow Bonsai

The plants take a little time to look good when they grow, however, they are fast growing and you would find them fully grown in little time. These bonsai can be placed near a bed or in the kitchen to enhance the beauty of the room and it will help improve the air quality considerably.


All the plants mentioned above are popular bonsai plants and each their unique characteristics and benefits.in

Bonsai Plants are small but attractive plants which can be placed anywhere in the room or in the balcony to enhance the beauty, however, taking good care of Bonsai plants is extremely important. Any negligence might cost the whole plant to collapse and hence, it is required to know about the temperature that the bonsai plants can bare, adequacy of light, warm and feeding. Special trimming tools might help you trim your bonsai plants as per your desired shape and sizes. Go and get the loving bonsai of your choice online in hassle free way.

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