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Producers! Consumers! Have you heard of Barn2Door? Want to try it out?

Disclosure: the folks at Barn2Door sent me a box of jujube fruits direct from Fairview Orchards in exchange for writing a post using the fruit and spreading the word about B2D. I've already fulfilled that obligation, and then some. This post is not part of that, it's just me sharing a new platform to connect producers with consumers because I think it's a great idea.

You know I like to eat locally--it's why I started my blog, wanting to help other folks like me scratching our heads over what to do with beets, kohlrabi and turnips. The thing is, I live in Ohio now, a fertile land but one with winters. I cannot limit myself to local food. I'd miss out on such great citrus and bananas and pineapples and pomegranates . . . it's an endless list.

When I heard about B2D I was intrigued. Now producers of niche products--fish and fruit, coffee, honey and maple syrup--can connect with consumers across the USA. B2D provides the platform for these producers, like Etsy for farmers. I think that's news worth spreading.

I've got a coupon code over on the blog worth $15 off a $50 purchase this month. Swing by and check it out!

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