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Dad helped me get pallets from the co-op, so I've got enough now to cobble together a playhouse. The kid was excited, until he helped nail the pallet that was the wrong size up into what I intend to make into a vertical garden wall. I want a house made out of those bloody things - it will take ages and eons for anything to get it apart once put together! Anyhow, this first one is to determine how difficult it will be to make one for the kid, and what adjustments will need to be made for that. He also helped me get the hinges on the door to the girls' pen, so that now we don't have to hoist the bugger up and out of the way every time it needs opened.

The greenhouse closed the 10th. I was thinking it was last Saturday, but that was wrong. Last Saturday, however, was Rodeo Days, and I found out the guy who runs the greenhouse had one of the locals selling the remaining plants at her booth. I'd found ten dollars, so I got 2 more kinds of tomatoes, some well-grown basil since the few wee plants that were growing crapped out, and two kinds of peppers. The basil is in a pot, and seems quite happy. I'm waiting until I'm damned sure that there will be no frost before I put anything else out back in the garden! June 1st, probably.

I picked my first salad today! The leaf lettuce, a bit of chive, some thyme, some chard, chervil, and coriander, with a couple dandelion heads. Then stuck it in the fridge to chill and forgot about it, so I guess I'll go eat that now.

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