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I spent the weekend starting lettuce and tomato seeds, tossing the worms over in the compost bin and setting up one corner of my kitchen for the future lettuce-growing and kombucha brewing operations. I decided to go to Bignamehomeimprovementcenter-with-an-orange-logo because they have a good selection of cheap fluorescent fixtures, bulbs, and doo dads. And there it was. Just as I walked into the garden section. I'd seen the TV ad. I'd even seen it in reputable magazines. The upside-down tomato planter!

I imagine I could have made something similar using a bucket, a drill and some piano wire, but I couldn't resist the instant gratification. I kind of feel like a sucker, but the feeling of shame is far overshadowed by my giddiness at the prospect of seeing luscious red orbs hanging off the side of my apartment building!
Does anyone have any experience with this silly thing? Stay tuned for my progress.

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Comment by GreenFrieda on March 3, 2009 at 11:09pm
I've used them. They work fairly well, although I found it hard to make the initial transfer. The other difficulty I had was with watering. It's tough to tell how much water to give and when they need it, since the soil is more hidden than in a traditional container.
Good luck!
Comment by Misty on March 5, 2009 at 11:18am
I actually want to try one of these myself... .

Don't feel bad... I own a Snuggie...lol.


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