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Question on Frost for you expert farmers and gardeners

Hello all:

We were just checking out the weather for NC. I'm no expert, so not sure, but it looks like it'll be warm through April 10th and beyond.

Since April 10th is the NC last frost date predicted for this year, does this mean we will not have another frost?

I'd like to know if that is a good enough predicter before we put plants in the ground. Is it safe to start planting seedlings?

Thank you,


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Comment by Allen Frost on April 11, 2010 at 8:50pm
A good question, I have found many answers to. Our last frost date in Asheville is May 15th so we have a way to go. I think that means that there is a 90% chance that we will not get a frost. So there is still that 10% chance, like what happened two springs back. If you want to look at a say 70% chance of no frost, then the date would be a little earlier. I was waiting to plant potatoes two weeks before our May 15th date as per instructions but someone else told me to plant them now as it was already getting too late. According to this farmer, plant them when the dandiloins bloom! Last night the temperature was forecast for a low of 42 degrees and I woke up to frost on the ground this morning. All in all I'd say it's just a gamble and there is no sure fire way to know.
Comment by thewhatleys on April 11, 2010 at 9:10pm
Thank you! That is helpful to know.

Friday or Saturday morning, it had been cold but not freezing. Still, a table in a shady spot outside the greenhouse had ice on it.

We'll be careful but still put some things out. Thank you!



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