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Stage I is completed. All the retaining walls are up with drainage included to allow water to continue on its natural pathway down the sloping landscape. The lattice fencing to keep dogs "out" and cucumbers, beans and more "up", is all in place and looking exactly as I had planned.

Stage II  - the addition of the potting-shed-cum-gazebo was due to begin after the Easter break, but rumour has it that our reservoir is reaching critical levels and with the recent hot weather and lack of rain, the water company may have to take steps to ration water supplies. So, I have shifted resources to the purchase of a new water tank and will start the installation next week.

In the meantime, my next task for the garden is to consider where the much-needed topsoil will come from and how it will be removed from its current location and transported to the new garden. The terrain does not allow for any kind of mechanised earth moving, therefore, all work with be done the good, old-fashioned way, using spades and wheelbarrows! 

And as usual, I cannot finish without mentioning that whilst we scurry and toil, Mother Nature has put forth an epic display of new baby mangoes in the last few days, these being in addition to the already heavy load that the trees are currently groaning under - it never ceases to fill me with wonderment!  And as for the seedlings, they continue to thrive (those that survived being trampled under foot by the small dog). Though the dog has managed to jumble the labels, so I am not entirely sure what's what, and may have to hold a "name that seedling" quiz in a few weeks time....

Mystery seedlings with their new "dog armour"

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Comment by David P. McMillen on April 10, 2012 at 7:20pm

nice garden!

Comment by Yvonne on April 10, 2012 at 7:49pm

Thanks David - still no top soil in it as yet, but I'll get there!  Hope your new plants are thriving : )


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