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Recycling black plastic barrels - compost tumblers, rain barrels, etc.

Grow and Share has a supply of large plastic barrels we are recycling... These are a great size for rain barrels, just a little smaller than 55 gallon drums. If you don't need a rain barrel, they can be cut into halves and used as large planters. Or made into compost tumblers.

We are asking for a donation to help cover barrel/accessories/paint costs and to raise funds for next year's Grow And Share projects. All money raised will go directly to Grow And Share. Whatever amount you donate, we will give you a donation receipt.

If you would like to pick up a few rain barrels to help you save rainwater for your gardens next year, on www.growandshare.org we have direct contact information. Barrels will be available for pickup during November and December--while they last.

These barrels can also be taken "raw", unpainted with no attachments, and you can make your own rain barrels, compost tumblers, or whatever else might help you green your gardens! Barrels are BLACK.

We'll be posting photos at www.growandshare.org within the next few days.

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