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Okay then. Someone wanted a picture. And clearly, I need to have a discussion with the time/date thing on my camera, since I took this today.

So, to the front is the newest fridge bed, now planted with mini sweet peppers, radishes, argula, and leaf lettuce.

To its right, there are 3 of my larger pots. They are a bit hard to see, as they are hiding behind the forsythia. One now has both mint and catmint in it. The catmint apparently overwintered, and I didn't realize this until after dumping regular mint seeds in the pot. The others are not yet planted. I'm waiting to see if the flowers in them last year grow.

Directly behind it is a ground bed that has the peony and whatever flower seeds it was I dumped in with it. Snapdragons and bachelor buttons, I think. One might barely make out the wheelbarrow (pink) and wagon (green) that follow. Neither of those are planted. Behind them is the old fridge bed, which has the mesclan mix, sage, chives (some of which did overwinter and some I seeded), and jalepenos. Then you have Rocky's run over to the edge of the porch (magnify pic to see him). There are two large orange pots on a stump and 3 green pots one cannot see against the garage wall, along with three other large pots around the corner, but only one of them is visible.

The refrigerator drawers and the pot balanced on them are planted with chervil, cilantro, and coriander. The stump makes up the edge of the large flower bed, where the rose bush and the red flowering bush I dunno the name of live. I just scattered assorted flower seeds all over in it. The circles and the chair have only two pots planted. The witch's cauldron contains catnip and the catbox contains cornsalad. The one in the chair may have marigolds, as they went to seed in that particular pot.

For those wondering about the brown paper in the window, well, it's part of a Christmas thing two years ago that I never took down because I liked the stained glass effect. Said items can also be noted on the windows of the library-to-be and the dining room... though those of the dining room are technically less Christmas related...

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Comment by Jennifer on March 17, 2014 at 9:06am

Thanks for posting this, Jana. Your use of all available containers and space is such a great inspiration! Can't wait to see what it looks like in a couple of months, when everything is green. Does this area get a lot of full sun?

Comment by Jana Franzen on March 21, 2014 at 7:17pm

Yeah, since the trees came down, it gets a lot more sun than it used to. It kinda cycles, sun-wise. Early morning shade, late morning to late afternoon full sun, then back to shady.

Comment by Jana Franzen on March 21, 2014 at 7:20pm

I've planted the wheelbarrow with sage, the rest of the front pots with bush style beans, established that there are 4 (not 3) pots hiding behind the forsythia, and planted rosemary in the first pot at the edge of the porch. Nine of the garden beds are now planted, as well. We've still got to dig out the beds where the dirt from the sewer digging is still mostly piled. The 3 big pots and another container have been moved and lined up at the far end of the garage, and they'll have peas planted as soon as I finish getting dirt in them.

Comment by Jennifer on March 25, 2014 at 10:55am

Sneaky forsythia. All kinds of stuff can hide in there.


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