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Returning from vacation to Pink Pickled Peppers

Why is it that recovering from vacation can be as much an undertaking as going on vacation? The mountain of dirty laundry I unpacked was replaced by a mountain of weeds that exploded while we were gone. [The weeds didn't go in a pile by the washing machine though.]

As a gardener I understand why I don't typically take a vacation in the summer. I had some tomatoes set fruit before we left and  was convinced I'd miss the first tomato of summer while I was gone.

I didn't. They're all still green, getting bigger and bigger. I did lose a cucumber vine and a few potted flowers but I gained volunteer zucchini and acorn squash plants so I'd say that's an even trade.  

Right before I left on vacation I harvested a handful of banana peppers and had a quick pickling party with the last of the kohlrabi and beets from the farm share. I had no idea how they'd turn out, but thought I'd let everything cure while we were away.

I came home to Pink Pickled Sandwich Peppers which are making lunchtime pretty colorful around here. That, coupled with a fixed computer thanks to the Genius Bar, makes me smile.

Since I've got words in my head about Local Eating On the Road, which need to come out in a blog post, so I'll share photos of some of my recent recipes and close.

Pizza with Beet Greens, Potatoes and Sausage.

Korean-spiced Grilled Chicken Thighs with Farm Share Veggies.

Have a lovely week!

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