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Greetings beautiful being.

I am available for a flexible unique work trade educational experience (internship, apprenticeship, membership) in exchange for livable private space and longevity.

I am interested in engaging with healing arts spaces/healers/free skools/medicinal shops/free clinics and other styles of being, so please let me know if we are a fit for each other! I will love to schedule a phone call with you, whenever.

I have lots of unique skills in perennial/wild/self pollinating seed saving/distribution/collection/restoration/education, bio-regional herbalism, natural land restoration, wild weeds wisdom, out/indoor clutter removal/organization, ethical wild crafting and foraging, preservation methods (plants and animals), creating a range of dietary specific meals, community formation/organizing, accountability, writing/editing, business/personal assisting, regional event coordinating, fundraising, dance/song/music, pregnancy/postpartum support, organic produce/culinary herbs, child/senior assisting/companionship, un/homeschooling, and can support the community in various ways!

I am looking for a nurturing environment; one that focuses on personal and group well being, growth, sustainable and equal living. That values work, the arts, healing and rest. I am summoning a healing homestead that creates a lifestyle around what I love: Creating a lifestyle around foraging, growing, collecting, dehydrating and using plant foods and medicines including integrating wild edibles, homegrown foods and plant medicine into my daily life and community dynamics. A community with some emphasis on getting medicine and knowledge/skills to low-income folks and/or folks with limited access to resources. I seek to have a healing, open, educational, motivative, inspirational live in or close by opportunity.

I am currently expanding my knowledge of all animals healing practices/emergency response/balancing from pharmaceuticals, partner dance/acro yoga, social/economic justice,  winter local eating/foraging, herbal medicine making, wild weeds uses/education, folklore, animal breeding/butchering/processing, trans healing, perennial and wild seed saving, natural land restoration and healing, using preserves, grant/law/seed writing, prisoner support, palmistry, spirit guides, cultural wisdom and regeneration, ancestor and past life acknowledgement and healing, trans and queer birthing, breech and multiples birth attending, distributing medicinals and seeds, bioregional educational series, languages/tongues, geology identifications, natural navigation, healthy communication, communal living, spindle/fiber crafts, friction fires, and more.

 I am a queer, mindful activist living with moderation. I create and distribute seasonal Herbal Crafts and Medicine. I am the co-founder of several Seed Lending Libraries across the country.  I do Seed Restoration of scarred landscapes. I have experience working with wild foods educators and routinely engage in work trade agreements. I currently write for Seed BroadCast Journal, EarthFirst! Journal and Utah Tar Sands Resistance. I offer transparency and accountability processes for grassroots organizational groups/collectives. I sponsor a Diné Family resisting relocation from Peabody Coal and affiliates. I educate the public about and protect mountains. I led Bio-regional Workshops/Seminars; Seed Saving then Restoration, Seed to Seed Plant Cycle, Dehydration as Preservation and Salve Making.

REFERENCES:      available

Please forward my information if you know of another person/place!

My biggest VISION of a community:
aligned beliefs/actions, accountability of actions/words, communal decision making/information sharing, varying options of task based work trade for housing/food/utilities/communal needs, private living and communal spaces, Equal and Valued contributions/choices/opinions/ideas, inspire ourselves/each other/the community, land generating needed income with group cohesion, shared resources/vehicles, emotional and psychological support, ethnic diversity and celebration, valuing gender and sexual identities, aware of privilege and uses to aid others, multi-lingual, indigenous partnerships, one-on-one and group relationships with land mates, nurturing and healing group activities, substance use policy, community invited to help, water catchment/flowing water, spring water/grey water system, perennial gardens and seed saving, dehydration/preservation space, wild crafting/foraging, ancient life ways, radical guest housing, live birth of varies animals, communal youth care with informal teaching, intergenerational, kitchen in nature, toilet in nature, cold storage/cellar, homestead educational series/free skool, medicinal booth, craft/art/music spaces, natural rhythms/sustainable lifestyles, moonly community potlucks, land mates engaged in wider community, pack/work and roaming animals

Sending you magic, excitement, wonderment, butterflies, preying mantis, inspiration, wild horses, rainbows, clouds.

Appreciating the journey

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