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A nice homely feeling cannot be brought but it's often grown over the years of inhabitance by the family, whether it's the furniture, memories or even decor - it's all something that is made within a house, to make it your home. One must admit that the atmosphere within their house effects their daily living routines and thus creating a better lifestyle for you and your family.

When it comes to the garden, it's something that is often admired by yourself and onlookers but often remembering the hard work and years it takes for a garden to grow into a mature sight for all it's watchers. With new seasons comes a new object of desire, seeking sun or hiding away it's just a natural part of the gardens life-cycle.

In most cases, plants and trees are the foundation of all beautiful gardens with a carefully selected variety of species to blossom throughout the year. 

When selecting garden materials, there are lots of considerations and thoughts which can effect your buying decisions but this is an important role in shaping your garden for years to come. For example, how much time do you have to manage your garden? Are you working full-time in a busy life-style but like looking at some colour and fresh feeling? Or do you have plenty of time of your hands and more than enjoy a bit of gardening.

Selecting plants and trees based on your personal likes and dislikes is a wise choice, select fruit trees, something edible that you can enjoy throughout summer and something soft on the eyes for winter dews. 

Many online stores can help assist you with a buying guide in what looks best in combinations, and we always recommend speaking to an advisor if you are not aware of what you are doing. 

If you are troubled for some inspiration, browse some online stores, visit local garden centres or nursery to get some information on what works well for you and your garden.

We wish you luck on your travels, and don't be shy to message for more information. We run an online shop called Ashridge Trees, also a nursery for hundreds of seeds, trees and plants with a resourceful blog with lots of information on pollination, planting guides and more.

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