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Well, today I made some progress! I talked to the butchers at my local meat market, and they get their beef from a local source (within the state of MN). The cattle are given no hormones or antibiotics.

While I am still searching for a local farm, as well as grass fed cattle. I feel this is a win for today. The poultry and pork from the same market are considered all natural. I would prefer free range and organic while coming from a more local source (a farmer within 30-60 miles).

I also saved some 4 gallon pots from going to the dumpster.

A landscaping company was installing shrubs outside my business today. I just asked if they re-use them and they said "no" Can you believe that?! All that plastic in a landfill...well on second thought maybe they recycle. Anyway, I asked if I could have them, and they let me take the lot they had (about 10), told me that if I wanted to stop by the nursery I could have more....I'm hoping for smaller sizes, this will be great for getting the garden and other plants started.

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Comment by Omega Farms on October 12, 2010 at 1:08am
Just bear in mind that "no hormones or antibiotics, all natural, grass fed, free range", etc. does not necessarily mean non GMO. Monsanto has been working furiously to modify the genetic structure of every food substance on earth to claim ownership by patent.


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