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A few days a go we got 4 inches of nice light fluffy snow. Then it melted down to wet heavy snow with slush under it. Today it snowed all day. A good 8+ inches. I have a low tech place here so I have been out the last couple days with a kids snow sled cleaning out the waste in the barn and pulling it over the hill and through the snow to the lower tier of the garden. I plan on leaving that one and the top tier fallow for a year or two.

I have had some odd tracks in the yard lately. Last year I had dogs come in and trash my rabbit cages and kill some rabbits. This year I took a couple of those roosters and put them in the shed where the rabbits are. I figure if whatever the critter is  gets into the shed he can be met by a couple flapping roosters and maybe forget about my rabbits all together.  I posted before I have to many roosters. Even if I butcher one a week for food I still will have them two months from now. I am plowed out now but it looks to be a very snowy week ahead. Weather says every other day. Ick I guess I can get out tomorrow and use the Michigan shovel I have to clear my paths to the out buildings. Thank God for that plow shovel, it makes the job so much easier. If someone doesn't know what it is I will post a picture.

I have friends in PA who are getting flooded at their rescue. I am praying for their safety and that their hay doesn't get ruined. Blessing to you all . Sue

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