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Sometime great meals don't make it onto the blog, and sometimes non-farm share recipes do.

I consider it a personal challenge to use or put up the contents of the CSA farm share box before the next pick up. We get a large share and some weeks it's a breeze (hello, August) while other times of the year it can be arduous (hello, June). I find it particularly hard with greens, especially in the Spring when we'll get 5 to 6 different kinds of greens in the share.  This year I'm having success assembling salads in jars and making smoothies when we have spinach (and using kale when we don't). Some recipes go right onto the blog while others need to ferment for a year until the season returns (like these sweet peppers stuffed with garlic scape & herbed cream cheese).

Sometimes I'll make a wonderful supper from the farm share that won't make it to the blog. The night of pick up I still had a large head of bok choy left from the previous week. I grabbed a few spring onions from the new share and sautéed up the white parts with the bok choy stems (in a large skillet over medium heat). To that mixture I added leftover roasted potatoes cut into small cubes, diced smoked sausage, and the sliced bok choy leaves. Adding a bit of salt and pepper for seasoning and letting the potatoes get a bit of crust on them (over 8 to 10 minutes) resulted in a very satisfying supper.  No photos, no measurements, so it won't be on the blog but make something similar if you've got the stuff.

It's a good combo.

Last week I did share another recipe using bok choy from the farm share and my trusty cast iron skillet. This Chicken, Bok Choy and Wild Rice Skillet Supper starts off on the stove and finishes in the oven for a hearty hot dish.

I'm continuing to throw the farm share on the grill with Grilled Green Beans with Garlic Scape Pesto Dressing. The leftovers of this dish make an excellent appetizer when snuggled up in salami.

I took a break from the farm share recipes to share my current drink obsession--DIY Iced Chai Tea Latte. I make a quart sized canning jar of this a day! Should have bought stock in the tea company.

As the strawberries wind down I'm enjoying the simplicity of a sun-warmed freshly picked berry while finishing up recipes for posting next Spring. Conveniently, squash vines are appearing all over the place, so while the strawberry patch settles into summer mode it may be home to a pumpkin later this year.


Coming up this week I'm continuing to write my How To Grill a Pizza ebook. I am very slow, ponderously slow, in the kitchen. I found that all of the pizza grilling methods were too fast for me, so I figured out a way to make my kind of pizza, slowly, and once I figure out how to turn my content into an ebook I'll share it. In the meantime--how about a pepperoni, olive, feta and mozzarella pizza? Catch ya later!

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