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Hello all you homesteaders!! Just wanted to touch base and let everybody know what's goin' on at Stinnett Family Farms. Spring has definitely been in the air for the past week or so. Been through the whole sinus problems with all the POLLEN in the air.

This one we call a little naked buff lol. He/she is half buff

orpington and half naked neck. Aint they the cutest??

This one is half buff orpington and half domineker. The

rest are full buff orpington.

Here at the farm we are gearing up for baby chicks. The Hatching House is nearly complete. The only thing left is to add an outside run and paint and it will be awesome!! Can't wait

Here is the gang in one of our brooder boxes.

to show you that. Anyway, we have our first batch of chicks hatched. They are about 3 days old now. When they outgrow the brooder box they move to a wire bottom cage that is also inside the hatch house. From there they go to the dirt floor and then allowed to go out into the run on warm days. From the hatch house they move to the grow out pen until they either join our other hens for next years eggs or they go into the freezer. We plan to raise at least 60 for butcher this year. The wife and I figured one chicken a week for our family plus one here and there. That is pretty much our operation as far as our chickens go.After we hatch the chicks we are going to hatch for the year we will start keeping the eggs unless someone requests some chicks then I might hatch a few. I have a huge incubator I found really cheap so I hatch all my eggs.

We have garden spots and vegetables being planted in every dry spot we can find on our property. We were not planning on nearly half our land being under water all winter. It will take forever for it to dry out to plant. So we are trying to clear out and plant in the dry spots.

Over at Bouncing Bundles Rabbitry, Bee, our holland lop doe, has a new litter of four little bundles of joy. They are 2 days old. They are soooo precious. We have new rabbits that will be joining our herd soon. Two new Californian rabbits for sure. A new bloodline to mix with. Also we are going to be getting a new Holland Lop Doe and hopefully we will get a color we want to keep out of Bee this time. If not I may trade her with a friend of mine for other rabbits for our breeding program. We hope you will follow along on the Bouncing Bundles site as we introduce new breeders and new litters of babies.

Anyway, just love going out and spending time with the critters. The wife and I truly "BOND" while we are together interacting with our animals. They are dependent on us for feed and as a homesteader we are dependent on them to feed us in return. Our animals are SUPER SPOILED!! lol. Still looking for yall to share what you have growing and being born at your farm and as always...

Be sure to visit us at www.stinnettfamilyfarms.com to see what all we have going on at the farm!!

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