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Storage Secrets for Your Garden Shed

Having a beautiful garden is never easy; you may have the green thumb, but if you don’t dedicate a lot of time and effort into keeping it neat, it will only end up looking like a jungle. One of the reasons why people don’t like spending a lot of time in their garden is probably because their garden shed isn’t well-organized. If you spend fifteen minutes looking for your tools, you’ll lose all enthusiasm for gardening. This is one of the reasons why your garden shed should be neat and well-organized, and every inch of space well-used.

Shelves are a must

Your garden shed won’t exactly be built so you could bring two closets, your bed, and a hot tub inside. There never seems to be enough space, and this is the reason why every inch should be well-used. One of the best ways to do that is to opt for open metal shelves – these will let the sun filter through so you’ll be able to see better. What is more, you can pick adjustable shelves which give you a chance to pick the perfect shelf height for all your tools. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on shelves, too – an old chick feeder is just the right spot for you to keep small items such as pens, markers, scissors, and seed packets.

Shelves are a must Collage.jpg

Boxes are lifesavers

Your shelves won’t do you much good if you keep piling your things on them without any order. Use plain cardboard boxes to organize all your things, and use markers to label the boxes so you will always know where your gardening clothes and tools are. If you’re looking for something a bit more durable, you can pick the ones made of wicker or plastic. You can also use old bushel baskets to keep mulch or potting mix on the floor.

Boxes are lifesavers.jpg

Everyday magic – magnets

In order to save time and space, you can try attaching magnetic bars to the walls of your garden shed, and use them to always have your tools at hand. Of course, this won’t work for bulkier tools such as rakes and shovels, but smaller metal ones like pruning shears and trowels are just right. Make sure the magnet bar you pick is strong enough to hold the weight of all your tools, and they will always be within reach.

Everyday magic – magnets.jpg

On the run? No problem!

What do you use the most? Small garden gear such as your gloves, hat, shears, and trowels should have a special place so you can always find them. When you’re in a hurry and only have a few minutes to tend to your garden, you will be able to grab what you need and get to work if these things are within reach. Keep them all in a basket which will hang on the door of your shed, or use an old rake to hang these pieces ext to the door.

Tame your hoses

Trying to untangle a tangled hose or tripping over a coiled-up one can really drive you crazy, so you should try ‘taming’ your hose. You will find it much easier if it’s hanging on a hook, and it will also mean that you won’t be stepping on it every now and then. If possible, try to get a retractable hose reel so it’s neatly tucked away when you’re done watering your garden, or you can hang hooks with steep angles which will keep the hose in place.

Tame your hoses.jpg

Use ‘hidden’ space

You should try using every bit of space you have – use old window shutters to make sturdy shelves which you can place over a shed window or directly above the shed door. You can also use hinges to get more space in a small spot – transform old children’s chalkboard into a shelf. The best thing is that you can also use it as a chalkboard to leave a note to self from time to time. Also, an old stool can be more than just a sitting place, you can use it for storing pots, jars with seeds, and small tools.

Having a clean and neat garden shed will do you good – it will save your time, energy, as well as money, and you won’t waste time trying to find trowel or your gloves. Your shed won’t be the source of frustration and anger, but rather of pride and joy, and you will be able to utilize all that time for doing what you really love – gardening.  

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