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Sun Oven:

ok the sun oven did not work the day we planned it for. But it was not the ovens fault, I did not plan on the wind getting to high to keep the oven from blowing over. So the next bright day, my wife set it up with a pair of chicken breasts (Still Frozen!) and a couple of cups of Rice. approximately 3 hours later, we determined it was done, and it was brought inside for supper. Best we could tell, it should have been brought in at about 2 hours, we used slightly to much water (2:1 ratio to rice is normal for boiled rice) and our seasonings should have been added prior to setting it out. Math: 3hours, Starting Temp 220 f, end temp 330 f. Meat was tender, rice was soggy and kind of sticky, to much water according to the guidebook that came with the oven. Dry seasons did not mix into the rice well,  and did not flavor the chicken at all, but we added the seasoning after the meal was cooked. 
Overall it was a success, cost of the meal about $4.50. The oven worked as advertised, and next meal I will follow the guidebook closer.

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Comment by Jennifer on February 3, 2014 at 5:35pm

Rick: Speaking of, what will be your next meal? And just in case anyone else is interested in trying his/her hand at solar cooking, well, there's a 101 for that.


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