Celebrate the culture of agriculture & share skills (Growing! Cooking! Eating!)

We are fundraising now to expand our educational offerings for schools and parents, and prepare for the Spring plantings, when we give away garden plants to any US resident who signs a Pledge To Share from their garden.

We have a (chicken) Plate Sale this upcoming weekend, and then a music festival Labor Day Weekend (Sunday). For BOTH of these fundraisers, we are seeking help from local businesses and organizations.

We need the following supplies ASAP (we hope you will donate):

- plates, cups, and utensils (compostable preferred but not required)
- napkins, paper towels, and hand soap
- chickens (150+), hot dogs, and burgers ready to grill
- buns and bread
- 50lbs of potatoes and other locally grown vegetables
- barbecue sauce
- signs printed
- balloons

We thank the local businesses who have provided supplies, including printed posters (Cary International Minute Press, tables (New Bethel Baptist Church), golf cart (Rolesville's Cart Company), advertising (Raleigh ClearChannel, Carolina MudcatsRadio), and others.

Please email if you can help. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and can provide a receipt for your donation.

Thank you!

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