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Take Action to stop the Monsanto Protection Act!

In the event that many of you are unaware; as of 10:54 a.m. EST on March 21, 2013 Congress passed the Continuing Resolution, HR 933 that contained the dangerous provision that strips the important concept of “judicial review” from our courts, caving to Monsanto.  The passage of Section 735 in this resolution strikes a major blow against America’s constitution, citizens, farmers and the environment that undermines our basic democratic rights in favor of continued corporate welfare and failed oversight of GMO crops.

Even if Monsanto’s new GMO crops are ultimately proven to be harmful to human health or the environment, Section 735 allows them to be planted the minute the USDA approves them!.

I don’t know about you but I certainly do not want to eat pesticide in my food, which is what Monsanto’s GMO foods contain.  The most alarming part of this is that there are currently 13 new crops awaiting approval from the USDA and AquaBounty’s GMO salmon is on the verge of being approved by the FDA. This new provision bursts the door wide open for these approvals.

The floodgates are literally open for Monsanto, DuPont and Dow Chemicals new GMO’ crops that are resistant to more toxic chemicals like 2,4-D, Agent Orange and dicamba that will replace failing Roundup Ready GMO crops.

According to legal experts, this provision would create a precedent-setting limitation on judicial review with regards to its dangerous assault on fundamental federal and judicial safeguards needed to protect America’s farmers, citizens and the environment from the wanton approval of Monsanto’s GMO crops.

Please send an email or letter to your Representatives and Senators to tell them that you are outraged!

Both the House and Senate have passed the Monsanto Protection Act and we need you to take action and spread the word to family and friends.  We need to stop President Obama from signing this resolution into law and stop this outrage!

The letter I sent is below so feel free to copy any part of it and send it to Congressional Representatives and Senators in your state and county.


I am writing to let you know that I am outraged that the “farmer assurance provision”, Section 735, currently included in HR 933, was not struck from the Continuing Resolution spending bill passed by Congress.

Though wrapped in a “farmer-friendly” package, this provision is simply an industry ploy to continue to sell genetically engineered (GMO) seeds even when a court of law has found they were approved by USDA illegally. It is unnecessary and an unprecedented attack on U.S. judicial review. Congress should not be meddling with the judicial review process based solely on the special interest of a handful of companies.  

As a constituent, I am asking that you oppose the biotech rider, section 735, in the Continuing Resolution of H. R. 933.

The provision further forces USDA to immediately approve any permits for continued planting at the industry's request, putting industry completely in charge by allowing for a “back door approval” mechanism. USDA’s duty is to protect the interests of all farmers and the environment, a duty that would be eliminated by this provision. 

The provision is also completely unnecessary. Every court to decide these issues has carefully weighed the interests of farmers, as is already required by law. I demand that this dangerous and unconstitutional rider be struck from HR 933, the Continuing Resolution by the President before signing this bill.

I stand with and thank the Senators from Montana, California, New York, Vermont, Alaska or Connecticut for standing up for our rights and introducing an amendment to strip Section 735 from the bill.

Please join these other Senators in preserving democracy in protecting family farmers, citizens and the environment from Monsanto’s out of control lobbying efforts. At this point, it’s pretty clear that you and your friends could be the last line of defense to stop the blank check that is being written to Monsanto.

More than 50 countries have banned Monsanto’s GMO & GE seeds and products from their countries – why is the United States so blind to the fact that they are poisoning its people. More than 93% of the US population is very concerned with what is in their food and relying on you to protect them.  It is unfortunate that our President (who by the way eats from an organic garden) appointed top officials from Monsanto to our FDA.  Talk about opening the door and letting the fox into the hen house – he may as well have slaughtered the hens himself; because he fed us to Monsanto as experimental lab rats and it is only getting worse.

As a concerned individual I have banned any questionable products relating to GE and GMO’s from my household and will continue to only purchase products from countries that have taken a stand against Monsanto and it’s backdoor lobbying to monopolize the food system in this country all while poisoning the very item that we need to survive – our food system. Hopefully a majority of the population will follow me in doing the same, forcing the US to realize no one wants their tainted products.

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Comment by Carrie Seal-Stahl on March 27, 2013 at 11:23pm

Not surprised they passed this garbage. I can only imagine the perks all the politicians in Monsanto's pockets must receive to turn a blind eye...

Comment by Karin Bosela on March 28, 2013 at 1:58pm

It is with a very heavy heart that I inform all who are interested in this cause that we have lost - President Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act forfeiting our rights and  Judical law to permit companies like Monsanto, Dow Chemical and Dupont to write the laws as they see fit and to benefit themselves.  We need to take our country back from this charlatan.


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