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Good morning kids!


Well, I was unable to sleep with the thunder and the dogs going nuts. Funny thing is, the menfolk are sleeping like logs. So at this point I get alone time with coffee and Netflix, yay! The tomatoes will love all the rain, lets see if they will actually stand in it.


We started a trend with the keeping of chickens, lol. Our neighbor brought home a pair (not sure what kind,  but pretty) and the roo has taken it into his head to crow at all hours of the morning. Hopefully he's just getting used to the new digs. They apparently were dropped off without John (the neighbor) knowing anything was wrong with them. After getting them settled in the new coop, the guy that dropped them of said something about them having had "stick-tight fleas" recently. He treated them with Adams and then treated the entire barn they were in. We did some research about them, and the only problem is that John doesn't get along with chemical sprays/dusts (he's an interesting character, lol).


So now the question becomes, what to do about them if they come back or, in fact, never left. And weather or not being in the next yard will infect MY chickens. Add to that the month long quarantine of the new chickens we'll be getting on Friday, I think the stress might just exhaust me more than cleaning the house, lol.

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