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     All day I think about suppertime. It seems extreme, but I love a home-cooked meal. I don't always have time for cooking, especially when I have nothing in the pantry except white rice (blah), or no time to make something substantial. But, all day, I think about the meals to be made and the desire (maybe not the motivation...) to make them.

      Yesterday I was looking for a chicken noodle soup recipe. Nothing soothes the soul like soup, and a good chicken noodle can't be beat.  I searched HOMEGROWN just as Cornelia posted this recipe from her soup swap this weekend. How could I say no?!

      Usually I'm exhausted when I get home, and too tired to do much except reheat, but last night I went home and lovingly cut those irresistibly adorable heart-shaped carrots and parsnips for a LONG time. I put together the ingredients, even going out to get fresh dill, and made some homemade pasta for the occasion.  At one point my roommate came into the kitchen and asked me why on earth I was working so meticulously on chicken noodle soup. I just smiled back at her, and told her it was "fun," because it was! It was a joy to cook.

      I didn't eat until 8:30 PM, but it was worth every bit of preparation.  The work that went into this batch of simple soup made it taste even better than I imagined it would. While I don't work this hard on my meals every day, I wish that I would do it more often. Eating is more enjoyable when the process is enjoyable. 

      While I didn't participate in the National Soup Swap Day (although, we did make two kinds of chili on Sunday - pumpkin white bean and the old standard...counts for something!), I figured it wasn't too late to join in! My inspiration was infectious and my roommates and neighbors and I have decided to hold our own soup "swaps" once a week in February, where we will each prepare a meal and break bread together. It gives us a chance to sharpen the knives and get cooking, and spend more time together during our busy lives. I can't wait!

       Until then, enjoy this soup and the joy of cooking!

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Comment by Cornelia on January 24, 2012 at 1:56pm

Awww, this makes me so happy!! Man, homemade pasta, too?? That's hard core. Hope it helped the sick boy get a little closer to health, too. Happy swapping! I'm looking forward to doing more of them this year, too!


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