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The Joys and Oys of Making Kosher, Homemade Baby Foods


There's a newish movement in Jewish (Kosher) cuisine: getting back to the roots.  I don't mean Eastern Europe, but trends in Kashrut point to a rise in consumer interest in healthy, organic, sustainable products.  If you keep kosher, and you haven't noticed, most of the foods you'll find in the kosher section of your grocery store are loaded with Bad Stuff.  (Sorry, Manischewitz.)


When my two-year-old daughter was an infant, I loved that she was just getting hip to solid foods when the bounties of the public market really started to explode with a colorful variety of fresh fruits and veggies.  I'd stock up on whatever was in season, bring it home, cook it up, puree it to bits, and feel good about what I was putting in her tiny body.


Now I have a son who is seven months.  And he. is. HUNGRY.  


My free time isn't what it was, and so now and then I'll peruse the baby foods on the grocery shelves for kosher, organic fruits and veggies.  

There they are: jars of the same stuff I can make at home, at 79 cents a pop. Also, I'm limited to buying non-meat items, which means if the baby is ever going to try meat as protein, I'm putting CHICKEN in a BLENDER.  Yeccccch.

Into the bag go the several glass jars, clanging all the way home, and with each little clang reminding me that I really ought to carve out the time to DO IT MYSELF.  But when?  With a toddler who begs me to play with her even when I AM playing with her and an infant who seems to need diaper changes every hour (what am I feeding him, anyway?), a house full of stuff to do (I need not mention all those little things that keep parents busy), etc etc etc, when am I taking the time to steam, boil, roast, mash, and puree?


When I make everyone else's dinner.  I'm going to be keeping my food processor on the counter, right next to the coffeemaker, so that if it's mango we're having for dessert tonight, it's mango the kid is getting for breakfast tomorrow.  And as he gets older, he'll be able to add blended pasta, tomatoes, and ground turkey, and the like, to his ever-growing palate.  


This summer, I hope to cut down on trips to the grocery store with an organized list for the farmer's market.  I'm also going to try growing my own veggies (note: I'm a novice).  For now, you know where to find me: wherever you hear a whirrrrrrring.




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