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A few months ago I wrote about my family's foray into the world of raising backyard chickens.  Our little balls of fluff have now grown into a flock of New Hampshire red hens, affectionately called "The Ladies".  Raised (mostly) in our home and now living outside, The Ladies still take to the porch each morning when we are leaving for the day, and wait for us to return in the afternoon, clucking merrily behind us as they attempt to run in the front door.  The hens still attempt to nest on on the back of our chocolate lab, Mick, who willingly obliges them (and gets a back scratch in exchange for a cozy roost!).  Mick -- who is talented enough to open the door, but not close it behind him -- has let The Ladies into the house a number of times, where they nest in corners, still as statues for fear of being kicked out.


Until they start laying eggs in the late summer/early fall, The Ladies will continue to enjoy summertime as part of the family.  They have really taken a liking to my sister, Hannah! See the photo for proof!!



I hope you're all enjoying your backyard chickens as much as we are! Happy laying!



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