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The produce is coming fast and furious, and from all sides.

That glorious eggplant shown in the first photo got me ruminating--if all you know how to do with an eggplant is to make Eggplant Parmesan, what do you do when you get several each week, every week, in midsummer? With that in mind I reached out to my fellow food bloggers asking for their recipe links using eggplant, to boost my Eggplant Recipes Collection and make it a better resource for folks like me eating from the farm share. I've got more than 50 eggplant recipes now, appetizers to dessert (seriously!) with gluten- and dairy-free recipes, omnivore recipes . . . something for everyone. One lovely way we like our eggplant is in this Deep Dish Sausage, Eggplant and Artichoke Pizza.

Our CSA farmers have outdone themselves, again. Our weekly crates are filled with an assortment of veggies and herbs, and I am like Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory trying to deal with it. This CSA Veggie Spaghetti Sauce is one way I put up the farm share to feed my family all year long.

The farmer's market down the street is in full swing, so my spouse and I walk the dogs down each Saturday (he waits with the canines at the edge while I check out my favorite farm stands and pick up fruit and what catches my eye). Three dogs is too much to deal with while shopping! This week it was MORE CORN and pickling cucumbers since my 3 vines produced 2 cukes and then died.

My garden is producing a wide variety of squash that I didn't ask for. I've got acorn squash in the strawberry patch as well as on the driveway, a mystery knobby gourd-like item on the patio, near a pumpkin vine, zucchini lurking in the grass [that one will get shredded for pancakes], and what looks to be a white pumpkin over near the Borg compost. [Our compost bins are named after what pop culture reference comes to mind while viewing their shape. We have Borg and Dalek.] What didn't grow in the yard was any harvestable peaches from the peach tree, but I picked some up at the farmer's market to make this Cherry Peach Salsa.

I've been playing with even more fruit--Blueberry Breakfast Cobbler with Grits and Fruity Green Gazpacho are also live on the blog, as well as these Oatmeal Orange Beet Blender Muffins.

Our farmers beat the garden for the First Tomato of Summer. Thanks to the morning-of-farm-share-pickup newsletter I knew it was coming, grabbed some parsley, mint and cucumber, and made tabbouleh. I don't buy fresh tomatoes, period, so after 8 months without it is indeed a momentous occasion. I'll be putting up a bunch of fresh tomato pesto so I can make more of this Vegetarian's Delight Pizza on Fresh Tomato Pesto.

Have a productive week!

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