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I had a Blog all ready in my head that I was going to write. I have a routine of reading the News on Yahoo while I drink my morning coffee. When I am Home (either Vancouver, Washington or Flint, Texas), I don't get on line as much as when I am on the Truck. So, I didn't see the headlines until I got  on the computer this morning. More tornadoes, another town destroyed, and more lives lost.  And here I am, fretting about not having my garden. Wow. I don't mean that I was putting my own selfish desires before those who are definately in need.... it just amazes me how quickly and drastically things can change. Just the blink of an eye, towns and lives are suddenly altered.  We have friends and family that are scattered all over the South. Ohio, North Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas, and points in between. Our home is in Flint Texas and the storms that hit Tuscaloosa are the same storms that passed through Tyler Texas and dropped 7 Tornadoes all around where we live, but yet, we were missed. We suffered no damage at all.  I feel both Blessed and guilty at the same time. Blessed for what I have in my life and by the people who surround me.  Guilty for that fact that I am so Blessed and there are those that lost so much from these deadly Storms. My heart aches for all these people. I wish that I could afford to drop what we are doing and take a load of much needed supplies to these hard hit towns. But, since that is just not an option right now, we all do what we must. I feel that, for those of us who can't make it to the hardest hit areas, we are doing our part by sending Prayers and by continuing to do what we do. Help where we can. Pass a kind word, a smile, maybe even a laugh. Touch a life. By just small gestures, we can all make a difference and it will reach out to those who need it.  Above all, keep in mind what I said.... changes can take years, even centuries, to be noticed. Sometimes, it's changed in the blink of an eye. Don't take for granted the things in life that really count. " Life is not measured by the breaths that we take, but rather, by the moments that take our breath away...."

Pass It Forward.....

"... The Sun Is Always Shining Somewhere..."

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