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To me, the USDA has always seemed to be this big, scary entity of bureaucracy. In my mind, they regulated thing like allowing high fructose corn syrup into as many foods as possible, approving "enriched" food items such as flour, and generally putting a stamp of approval on processed foods that are unhealthy and addictive.

But I must give credit where credit is due.  The People's Garden initiative is a good thing.  Encouraging communities to create gardens using sustainable practices - you have my attention!

Right now, the USDA is offering this series of training sessions on a wide variety of horticultural and garden related topics. There is no charge for registration and all sessions are open to the public.

"The USDA People's Garden Initiative promotes growing healthy food, people and communities. It encourages USDA employees and communities to plant gardens because we believe the simple act of planting a garden can make real and lasting change to improve food access and healthy lifestyles."

Click on over, get the details and see how you can benefit from this initiative.  Sessions have already begun and run through the end of May.  Be sure to sign up -- it's free!




You can also read this blog at http://skyviewacres.blogspot.com/2011/04/usda-peoples-garden-initia...

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