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Raked and raked a lot of leaves up today and burnt them. The burnt stuff will be divided between compost piles, the new fridge, and the potato towers. Dunno why, but the potatoes love the stuff. I'm sure there is a perfectly good gardening reason, but I don't really care what it is. Hack gardener!

There's been quite a lot of wind and horrifying weather switches. You know, the 72dF one day, the next you've got 2" of snow? Those.  Planted crap anyhow, because this is how I garden.

So, current plantings as of now: all flower seeds are in. Most are in the big bed. Some are along the house where the peony grows. The rest are along the fence where the day lillies, trumpet vine, and a crapload of weeds like to grow. Basil's still in a pot in the window, and it's finally coming up. Roma tomatos are in pot by window, and coming up. The cukes, melon, and cauliflower are in seed starter pots by the window, and most are 5" or so, I think. Corn salad is planted outside, bottom level of the circles in an old cat box that spent the winter full of snow and ice. Mesclan mix in one side of the old fridge bed, jalapenos planted in the other. The sage in that looks like it will be making a comeback again this year. It seems to overwinter well: this will be its third growing season.

I have gotten little at all done on the main garden itself, unfortunately. I will be ready to plant my potatos come St. Patty's ('specially since they are growing so spectacularly in nothing at all), but it's gonna be awhile before the other beds are repaired and ready to plant. Between my internet addiction, a certain lack of help, and my body having decided to point out with entirely too much frequency that it is neither as young nor as flexible as my mind any longer, it's taking longer than formerly expected to get the prep done. I will probably be regretting today's raking for the next umpteen hours, and possibly well into the weekend.

Have received the second batch of seeds from Mike the Gardener's seed club. Got chervil (never heard of it), Swiss chard (ya! Something on my list!), sugar Ann peas (not the kind I wanted, but they'll do) and top crop bush beans (bletch. don't care for green beans). It sounds like the chervil is a good pot plant, so I'll stick some of it in one of the pots tomorrow, I expect, and possibly some of the other herbal types as well.

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Comment by Jennifer on March 14, 2014 at 10:14am

Jana: I can almost picture it from your excellent description—but not quite. Pictures, please!


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