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I once planted pokeweed. Deliberately. What was I thinking?
I'd idealistically transplanted a bunch of milkweed from a frontage road to a new butterfly garden when I came across what looked like a different type of milkweed. I didn't notice that it wasn't actually milkweed right away, and then I had a heck of a time in subsequent years keeping the pokeweed in check.

The Spring rains caused weeds to sprout all over. Weeds in between the patio bricks irritate me the most, and I get such satisfaction from spending an hour filling a 5 gallon bucket with the results of my digging. That's about all my back can handle at a time, though, so the weeded areas are re-sprouting before I can get the whole place done. Volunteer cilantro and pumpkin are appearing along with less-desirable plants.

I intended to spend the past week weeding the blog. Since I want my blog to be a resource for folks needing ideas for CSA farm share produce, it's time for an update to my Visual Recipe Index by Ingredient. To better help folks searching for, say, kohlrabi recipes on Google, I need to update old recipes to fill in new search descriptions. It's tedious but better in the long run, like weeding.

You'll notice I said intended above. Why I thought I could have my folks and my in-laws visiting for the kids' end-of-year concerts and have my spouse take a bunch of leave and buy a new-to-us car and finish renovating the half bath while simultaneously spending several hours a day working on the computer is beyond me.

I chose to spend the time with the people I love.

Work still needs to be done on the blog.

Since I did not share any new recipes this week, I'll share some from around the web:

Meghan of Clean Eats Fast Feets turns kohlrabi into these truck nuts fritters, shown above. You can find that recipe here.

This salad from Judy of I'm Bored Let's Go is so beautiful. I'm a recent convert to burrata in pasta and need to try it this way.

I'm late to the 'use your waffle iron for anything other than waffles' craze, but I'm all in. I found the technique over at Serious Eats.

In the garden, the first scape has appeared. Wahoo!

Our CSA farm share starts up this week and I'm excited. I've got plans for greens, plans for hot weather suppers, and I'm full of optimism for a great season. I just need to clean out one remaining bag of beets and one of turnips that somehow never got eaten from the freezer ;)

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