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I am really looking forward to getting my tomato seeds started, but I am still about one month away from the time line for here in Philly. I have five varieties of tomato seeds from Amishland Heirloom Seeds, and I will probably grow three plants of each of these varieties for a total of 15 plants. Here are the five varieties I will be growing this year. Photos are from the Amishland Seed web site. I highly recommend them as a seed supplier, and their website is a fantastic education in heirloom tomatoes.

My primary reason for using these varieties is that they are all genuine Amish and Mennonite farmer developed varieties that have been grown successfully in the Philadelphia area for many years. I like the idea of continuing that local tradition.

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mule team

howard german


glicks 18 mennonite

Amish Land Seeds website

Have you decided on your tomato varieties for the coming season?

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