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I've got tomatoes! Whoo hoo! After our landlord-induced drought a few weeks back, I wasn't sure if my garden was going to make it. But after careful and vigilant watering, pruning and fretting, it looks like I'll still have a respectable crop of heirloom tomatoes.

Yes, they're smaller than they would have been without a shock to the system, but I've been fortunate enough to escape the late blight that's killing so many hopes and dreams right now. I can't wait to snip that first juicy ripe orb from the vine! The two early fruits that ripened just as the landlord locked us out did not turn out to be anything but mealy and full of seeds. The oregano, basil and chives have bounced back a bit. The mint has served many purposes, including in a hefty batch of Vietnamese cold rolls. Sage is very pretty, but I'm not sure what to do with it in the heat of the summer...
Two questions: I've saved the seeds from those two early tomatoes. Will the fact that these plants were stunted by drought affect their viability next year?
What can I do with sage that does not involve brown butter sauce or roast turkey?

Go here to see before and after repurposed raingutter ghetto garden pictures.

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