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What I strive for (what homesteading means to me)

Homesteading to me is being able to survive and thrive with my own skills and knowledge without having to rely so much on others. This kinda goes against Charlyn's post. Sorry, Charlyn, no disrespect at all. But the way I see homesteading, is to be as self sufficient on your own, only to go to town to get necessary supplies or trade things you have for things that others may have.

I believe that we rely way too much on the modern conveniences that over the years we get so adapted to, that we really forget how to live the way that we were intended to. Nowadays, we have to be certain places at certainn times, have to be at work on time, and spend way too much time working for some employer that does not give a hoot about us, just so they can get rich, and keep us from doing the things that really matter in life. Like spending time with family, and doing things we really enjoy.

Now we have so many bills and payments that have to be payed or we lose everything! Mortgage, car payments, insurance, utilities! My hats off to anyone who lives off the grid, and survives mainly on their own. Im not really interested in being totally off grid, I do enjoy certain conveniences, like being able to be here posting blogs, lol. But would love to be able to produce my own electricty for it. And all the money needed for other modern necessities, I would love to be more self reliant, making it on my own, but am stuck working in the rat race to make ends meet.

I do certain things that make me self sufficient, so I dont have to spend every last dime to someone else. I grow my own fruits and veggies to stock up for the year. I hunt for meat. We spend very little at the grocery. I do my own work around the house, build my own chicken houses, dog kennels, etc. I pretty much do things the hard way myself without hiring someone else. I spent one whole summer putting new windows,house wrap,and siding on my house by myself.I knew it would be a daunting task,but I did it and I am very proud! It wasnt easy,but I get the satisfaction of knowing I did it the hard way by myself with no help from others. I find ways of doing things that normally take 2 or more people and do it myself. My back and body thank me, lol.

So, I dont want to move to town and join others. I would rather be out away from all of that, and just go to town when absolutely necessary. Freedom the way it should be and was for hundreds or thousands of years. I dont mean I want to be a lonely hermit family, but just would love to be able to enjoy life simply, and not have all the stress involved with the modern rat race. Thats just my way of looking at homesteading, and something I strive for. Dont know if I could ever make it happen without the full time job, but its nice to have goals. So if anyone has any ideas or comments, Im open for input.

I strive to be more like our forefathers and live off the land for myself,by myself. To work with my family to make ends meet, instead of a second family at work that I spend more time with than my own actual family. I want to be less dependant on the rat race, and live life the way it should be instead of the way it is. We spend so much time doing things we think we need to do instead of the things we really should do. I want a more simple life to enjoy and relish and leave the modern fancy material life for others.This is what I strive for and will probably keep searching for an answer until one day.......?



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Comment by MisAnthrope on November 9, 2012 at 10:05pm

Hi Matt, 

I enjoyed your post and share your idea of homesteading.  

I read a great essay awhile back by Bob Black  called The Abolition of Work.  Some of its kind of wordy, but you might enjoy it.  It ties in to your criticisms about off-the-homestead work.  It's available free online here: http://deoxy.org/endwork.htm.



Comment by Matt Volz on November 10, 2012 at 9:57am

Thanks MisA. I will give it a read.

Comment by HOMEGROWN.org on November 14, 2012 at 9:48am

For interested parties, here is Charlyn's blog post that Matt references up top.

Comment by Charlyn on November 24, 2012 at 8:01pm

I think we are workingtowards the same thing--simplfying your life  so you have time to do what you love, rather than working to support a life you don't.


I like living in town so that I don't have to drive everywhere.


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