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Can you help identify this bug?  It's not in my 'Handbook of Natural Insects and Disease Control'.
It looks like a ladybug, but I don't see any listed here with the same markings.  I also don't see a split down the back that would allow for wings - and they aren't flying.

We found these right under our grass, or where grass used to be, as the lawn is almost gone.  Maybe these guys are eating it?
More pictures here!

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Comment by michael on April 20, 2011 at 11:58am

From a buddy on facebook:



a stinkbug!

he doesn't have wings yet because he's an immature form (nymph). 

http://bugguide.net/node/v iew/466613/bgimage

he's a good guy, too, who eats pest insects, and is used for biocontrol. http://entnemdept.ufl.edu/ creatures/beneficial/podis us_maculiventris.htm




thanks internets!!


Comment by Aliza Ess on April 21, 2011 at 4:03pm
Thanks for the tip! I would never have guessed that's what it was. Now I'll know if I see one and know that it's a bug to keep-


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