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You’re reading Young & Green, a new group blog written by participants of Grow NYC’s Youthmarket, a network of urban farm stands operated by neighborhood youth, supplied by local farmers, and designed to bring fresh fruits and veggies to communities throughout NYC. Pretty cool, huh?


Before I was introduced to the Youthmarket, fast food was a part of my daily diet, mainly due to the fact that I was ignorant to different fruits and vegetables so close to me. However, once I started working at the farmers market, this soon changed.


“From the new experience, I gained a broad knowledge about different crops and farms within my community. I was exposed to fresh peaches, plums, bok choi, Brussels sprouts, several types of squash, pears, and much, much more.


“The Youthmarket has also allowed me to expand my interests in the culinary arts. At the market, I was able to perform cooking demos with the fresh fruits and vegetables. This allows customers to try new things, find new recipes, and buy more produce.

In addition, working at the farmer stands has enabled me to use my leadership qualities in order to make sure the market is running smoothly. It has helped me with time management and organization, since we must make sure we are on time and that the produce is displayed in such a manner that customers are swayed into buying it.


“I have also become better at communicating with others. I am now able to interact with new people with confidence and make them feel welcomed. Overall, the Youthmarket was a great experience, not just because I was exposed to great food and my eating habits changed for the better, but also because of the satisfaction that healthy produce is being brought to our community that truly needs it.



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