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Joel Salatin on grazing methods and carbon sequestration

From Throwback at Trapper Creek (http://matronofhusbandry.wordpress.com/):
I had read about the grass at Polyface and the difference they saw after implementing MiG, but until I visited the farm 10 years ago, they were just words on a page. After driving through Augusta County in Virginia during a drought in August 1999 and seeing the endless brown fields and then seeing firsthand that at Polyface that the fields were still green and prosperous those words on the page became memories etched in my mind. Polyface looked like an oasis compared to the dried up pastures we had just driven by.

It’s a long video but don’t be tempted to skip through it, the carbon sequestration possibilities are astounding! If there was ever a reason to wean yourself off of continuous, free range grazing this it. A plant that has deep roots can reach down to available soil moisture, and plant that has short roots cannot. Remember that roots are a mirror image of the top growth – short grass= short roots, tall grass = deep roots. It isn’t rain that will save a pasture, it is good management. And no one says it better the Joel – thanks Joel!

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Comment by michael on July 14, 2010 at 10:26pm
his was my absolute favorite segment of Food Inc.


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