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No appetite for that fish-tomato? Speak up! In the wake of May’s March Against Monsanto comes a new effort, the Monsanto Video Revolt: a grassroots call for videos speaking out against Monsanto and GMOs.

Getting involved is pretty straightforward: Create an on-topic video of any length. Upload it via YouTube, Vimeo—even here on HOMEGROWN. (The official launch date is July 24, 2013, but early birds are welcome. Just include “Monsanto Video Revolt” in the title.) Then spread the word on social media. It’s that easy, but you can find more information at Monsanto Video Revolt and on the effort’s Facebook page.

Need some inspiration? Watch the video above, “Genetically Mortified Organisms,” from the three young activists of Shine On Beyond. (You can find the original version here.)

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